The Technoport Live Crowdfunding Experience seeks companies for our event in March 2016 - enter the stage, win the audiences attention and let the crowd fund your business. Application open until November 13th!

In 2015 the Technoport crowd invested € 67000 in four local startups at the Technoport Live Crowdfunding Experience. This year it could be your company that gets this funding. At Technoport 2016 you have the chance to get attention from investors, valuable investments and the network to accelerate your business.



MARCH 2nd 2016

What is equity crowdfunding?

Funding a company by selling shares to crowd investors in exchange for partial ownership. Equity crowdfunding investors are entitled to dividends from future profits and receive a share of the value when shares are sold.

Why live crowdfunding?

Your company will get valuable exposure through the presence at Technoport 2016. You get a forum to speak to potential investors, and the opportunity to pitch in front of a crowd ready to commit. In addition, your company will be featured on FundedByMe,com, a European funding platform.

Who can participate?

Startups that wish to participate should
– Be technology related.
– Be registered as a limited company (Aksjeselskap)

How do I apply?

To register your interest, simply send an application to crowd@technoport.no

The application must include a one-pager describing
– Your business
– How much capital you are seeking
– The valuation of your business
– What you will achieve with this investment

After the deadline an independent jury will pick the most promising companies with the best/highest potential for success in the Live Crowdfunding Experience.

Application deadline: 13th of November.

The chosen startups will receive

– A free crowdfunding campaign and counselling throughout the campaign preparations
– Two delegate passes to Technoport 2016 - Crack The Code
– Participation in “pitch camp” to perfect your pitch

The Live Crowdfunding Mentors:

Aasmund Frøseth

Aasmund is the executive director of business development at Acando AS. He has excellent skills in mergers and acquisitions and company exits, with experience from national and international sales of ICT solutions and services. He has been a founder and business developer of ICT businesses with high turnover growth and profitability. He also has extensive board experience and extensive experience in leadership, also as a coach and motivator.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/pub/aasmund-frøseth/0/794/1b5

Tommy Dahlen

Tommy has for the last 17 years been a partner and attorney-at-law in Arntzen de Besche. He has in-depth skills in contracting and licensing/sale of intellectual property rights (IP) and long experience from strategic development and commercialization of technology and knowledge. Tommy has been on the board of directors at several startups in multiple sectors ranging from oil & gas to consumer electronics to B2B software installations. He is also an assistant professor at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and has recently been appointed as Director of IPIN (Intellectual Property Institute of Norway).

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/in/tommydahlen

Severin Helset

Severin is a Business Developer at Kunnskapspark1 Nord-Trøndelag. He is known for his skills in the sale of green technologies of renewable energy to customers both in private markets as well as in the agricultural and business market and his strong process management capabilities. Severin has developed several companies as an investor, co-owner and as part of the board. He also has 21 years of experience from travel-business and property development.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/in/severinhelset

Anne Dalager Dyrli

Anne is a founder and Vice President of Chemistry and Materials at RESMAN AS. She is known for her excellent skills in polymer chemistry and has extensive skills in technology development, business development and commercialization of advanced chemical innovations within the market of advanced chemicals, the pharmaceutical market and the oil industry. She has had several critical positions such as Chairman of the board for the NCEI cluster, co-chair of SPE and board member of Petromaks2.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/pub/anne-dalager-dyrli/6/92a/68a

Odd Jostein Svendsli

Odd Jostein is a Partner at T:Lab, VP Sales & Marketing at Numascale and a Senior Advisor for NTNU Accel og Kunnskapsparken. His field of expertise is international sales and marketing, change management and strategy development and -implementation. Odd Jostein had a central position in Atmel with product line management in several important segments and lead development and sales teams in Europe, Asia and the US. He is now building an international sales team in Numascale. Odd Jostein has developed his international network, mainly in the ICT business, over the last 15 years.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/in/ojsvendsli

Stig Ørnvall

Stig is an experienced advisor with several business establishments on his list. He has been working as advisor and investor in Norway and in the US, mainly in the San Francisco Bay area. Stig works for both Kunnskapsparken and Trøndelag R&D Institute, and he is often involved in establishing and leading R&D projects. They typically focus on innovation, technology development and internationalization. Stig can bring strategic insight to the team, has a large international network and is passionate about working with high potential startups.

LinkedIN profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stigornvall

Haakon Skar

Haakon is a Partner at T:Lab, a popular mentor and a Senior Advisor for NTNU Accel og Kunnskapsparken. Haakon has a background from Atmel where he was Director of Marketing. Haakon helps technology companies develop a crisp sales message that resonate well with prospective buyers. Unlike most communication experts, Haakon is a senior product marketing director with a deep understanding of technical products and markets. He holds a Master of Science degree in electronics, and has spent most of his working career in leading positions selling technology brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft, Dell, HP, BMW, Porsche and many more.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/pub/haakon-skar/0/919/420

Håvard Belbo

Håvard is the CEO of Kunnskapsparken Nord-Trøndelag. He is also managing the preseed fund Tidligfasefondet i Nord-Trøndelag, is the chairman of the board of Ungt Entreprenørskap Trøndelag and holds several other board and investor positions. Håvard has a background from McKinsey&Co, has been CEO of Øverbygg, CEO of NTE Elektro and SVP responsible for strategy and business development in NTE. He has a large network, and can hook up innovation experts like Henry Chesbrough, Ken Morse and Alexander Osterwalder.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/pub/havard-belbo/a/ab9/620

Kristin Eriksen

Kristin has 10 years of experience within banking, management consulting and venture capital and is now working as a consultant at PwC. She has long experience within management consulting, financial risk management, capital structure and venture capital investments and has previously worked in companies such as Arkwright, SEB Merchant Banking, Sparebanken Møre and Investinor. Kristin has also been the leader of SIKT-alumni for 3 years and has an extensive network towards young leadership talent in Norway.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/pub/kristin-eriksen/2/594/bb5

Marit Collin

Marit is the CEO of Kantega where she has been awarded the Madame-Beyer prize for the way she has built up the company and for her outstanding leadership skills. Marit has more than 32 years of experience within business strategy, change management, leadership, sales and marketing, and IT strategy. She has previously had the management or CEO role in companies such as Novit, Handelsbanken, Den Norske Dataforening and Mogul.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/pub/marit-collin/0/119/830

Borgar Ljosland

Borgar is a serial entrepreneur and founder currently working as the CEO of Cstick Media. He has wide experience with mobile devices and applications, embedded systems, business development and go-to-market-strategy. Borgar is perhaps the mentor with the broadest experience, having worked as a chief farmer at Fjelde gård for 8 years, developed and sold Falanx Microsystems as a CEO and co-founder, worked as the director of business development at ARM and developed FXI Technologies through the company’s rollercoaster ride until it’s death in 2014.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/pub/borgar-ljosland/3/bb9/833

Therese Bjørstad Karlsen

Therese works as the commercial review manager at IKEA Norway. She has more than 20 years of experience within retail, marketing strategy, merchandising, store management, leadership and strategy, sales and business development. Therese worked as the manager of several hotel chains and managed the shopping mall Byhaven before she became the store manager of IKEA, where she has played a crucial role in the build up, logistics, training and positioning that increased IKEA Norway’s market share and customer and co-worker satisfaction.

LinkedIN profile: https://no.linkedin.com/in/theresebkarlsen


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